The Answer is "Yes". Yes, You Can Drive a Chevrolet with an Eye Patch

What does a gang of treasure hunters and angry pirates have in common? A whole lot of booty and well, Chevrolet.  Because when you need to take away massive piles of gold from a treasure cove and hurdle past all the gold-hungry pirates, there is only one ride able to do it all: The 1938 Chevrolet sedan.

For more than a century, Chevrolet has played an integral part of the American lifestyle--so much so that even in the dawn of the Hanna Barbara and Looney Tunes phenomenon, Chevrolet managed to place a cartoonish spin on the everyday family ride. The "founding father" of affordable performance, the 1938 model was a suitable replacement for a row boat--and perhaps the real star of this "Peg-Leg Pedro" cartoon.

It's no coincidence that Chevrolet has been around for as long as it has or that its models continue to appeal to drivers both young and old. We've grown up with Chevrolet and trust in its models to get us where we need to go. Continue on the Chevrolet tradition at Taylor Automotive in Martin, TN. Come on in for a test drive of one of our new Chevrolet models today.

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