The Chevy Camaro is Getting Noticed for all the Right Reasons

The Chevy Camaro is an American icon. It's also a legend in the pony car segment. With its illustrious history backing it up, you might think that the folks in the home office would ease off the gas a bit and rest on their laurels.

Well, that's simply not Chevy's style. In fact, they've hit the fast lane even harder with the latest Camaro and as a result, the model has garnered a slew of support from automotive enthusiasts. That list of performance fans is quite lengthy, but when Motor Trend Magazine throws in their two cents we tend to take notice here in Martin, TN. Check out the video below to see why the automotive magazine has awarded the Camaro Z/28 the title of Best Driver's Car for 2014.

So there you have it; this ride's a winner. To see how you feel about it, visit Taylor Automotive and we can set up a track run, ahem, test run.

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