Ford's All-Electric F-150 Prototype Tows a Million

Electric cars have been growing more popular and more advanced over the years. One area where electric powertrains have yet to make much of a splash, however, are trucks. Ford is working hard to change that. More importantly? They're succeeding too.

If you need proof, just take a look at Ford's latest prototype. As a part of their efforts to pioneer the electric truck, Ford engineers recently unveiled an all-electric truck with extreme towing abilities.

What does "extreme" mean? In this case, it means towing a million pounds.

In its test, Ford connecter an all-electric F-150 prototype to ten double-decker rail cars weighing a million total pounds. The prototype was able to tow this hefty load for a whopping one thousand feet. It's a feat that would be impressive for any truck. The fact that it was done by an all-electric model only emphasizes how much potential there are in electric-powertrain models.

The fact that Ford is leading the way with electric truck technology should serve as no surprise to drivers in Obion or Union City, TN. Ford trucks have been game-changers for decades. The most recent generation of F-150s, for instance, kickstarted a wave of trucks built with lightweight materials and advanced design techniques.

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